My 1st Five Copics

So, as you might know I have been really wanting copic markers. I think they seem so fun to use and look great being used with cute stamps. I knew I was going to get them, but thought I had to wait a few months before my income tax check came in to get at least 50-75 markers.

Well, one day as I shopped at a local scrapbook store I was tempted to get the one that's always sold out on I paid $5.95 for E000 and had no regrets in doing so. (The website sells them for $4.13 with free shipping after $50).

Anyway, as my husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day this past Saturday (2/12) he mentioned that he wanted to get me 2 or 3 copic markers to get me started on being able to color in at least a face on the stamped image... Sunday after church we headed straight to my LSS and I picked out anything I wanted. I got 4 copics and a stippling brush because I recently saw a very cute technique by Sharon "SMSCRAPPER" on youtube and wanted to try it out also.

I didn't go crazy, just got those 5 things. I can't wait to get my check to really go crazy. I have to get the markers and also the white storage cubes that were created for them. Once that's all purchased and my room is organized (closet, curtains, etc.), I will surely record an updated scrapbook room video. Since I moved to a 3 story townhouse in April, planned a shower for September, had a baby in October, decorated the house for Christmas and finally got Giovanni on a feeding & sleeping schedule, I have not had time to really organize my room the way it should be and to record a video. Hopefully by the early spring I can get all this done.

Above is the photo of my first 5 copic markers taken from the 2nd window of my scraproom to get a clear photo. I'm so proud of my humble bunch! LOL

E000, E00, E02, E21 & R20. I wanted E11, but it was SOLD OUT!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

xo, Damaris


AbunchofScrap said...

Well, you're on your way. Still haven't broke down and bought any myself. One of these days I too will write about my first set on my blog. Happy crafting hun.

Noaleen said...

After reading your blog I'm glad that you have started your Copic collection. I would love to buy them but at 8-12 Australia dollars each its a bit much, so I will wait until I can afford to buy them from the States.
Happy Day

Debbie said...

Congratts!! Copics are so addicting!! I have over 140 in just 8 months. I buy the ciao ones for colors that I like but don't love and it has helped me grow my stash. is the best.

k.storey said...

I love your blog! I myself juss had a baby in August, so I know what your probably going through! Check out my blog & if you like, dnt forget to follow so you dnt miss out (:

ScrappingLatina said...

Congratulations D... that is awesome. My plan was to start collecting in January and give myself a year but I seriously don't craft as much as I should.. so I put it off.. Please share your first colorings...

Happy V Day!